The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review


The Lost Ways Review: Rediscovering What Was Long Forgotten

A saying goes, “if you do not learn from history, it will repeat itself.” There is a lot of wisdom that we can get from the people who lived in past. In truth, the way they do things back then allows them to be independent and be responsible for their own lives. They are also able to think about how to do things if they have limited resources. The creativity within them is developed and they do not need gadgets and machines in order to survive.

Why It is Important

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a must read especially for those who are born in the 21st century. This is important according to the lost ways review because, due to the boom of technology, many of us are not functioning according to our full potential anymore. This is because we are now relying on technology to do the things for us. Technology can make our lives easier but the negative impact it can bring is that we can no longer develop the skills to do things as well as think creatively. Furthermore, due to its convenience, we have less time to move about. This contributed to the rise of cases of lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

What we can learn

There are a lot of things that we can learn in this book. Most of this is focused on how to survive whenever a catastrophe happened. When we practice these things before the disaster happens, we will have the confidence that we will be able to get through it and live to see the next century. Here are some of the things that you can learn from the book:

-        How to plant effectively

-        How to make herbal medicines

-        How to make bread from barks of the plant

-        How to conserve water

-        How to create knives

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